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From The Client’s Perspective… Designing An Apartment in Kikar Hamedina

Article: Adi Arklis

Architecture and Design: Neta-Li Noy

Project Management: Tal Noy

Photography: Uzi Porat

Videography: Rotem Roznai

Designing An Apartment in Kikar Hamedina - Neta-Li Noy

A building from the ’70s in Kikar Hamedina.

The kitchen had turquoise ceramic tiles that were reflective of the times, a window in the dining room that opened to a weird shaft, and dark wooden cabinets that lack any charm. We decided to renovate from the ground up!

הדירה לפני השיפוץ
The apartment before the renovation

Where do we start? How do we choose an architect/designer?

I took it upon myself to start searching.

I know myself, too many options make me dizzy, and looking at many inspiration photos/ designer websites/projects can make me very confused.

I prefer to reach out to a reliable source, get recommendations, narrow down options and make a decision.

This is exactly how we found Neta-Li.

The apartment before the renovation

I am part of a group called “Women Talk> Real Estate” which was founded by the very talented Lynn Steiner and Chen Hershkovitz.

In my opinion, Online communities are great tools to consult with people and find answers to almost any question you may have, on any topic.

I wrote a post in the online community and I asked for suggestions for an interior designer that knows about architectural design and would be able to assist in the renovation of our apartment.

The second I saw a few of Neta-Li’s previous works, I knew my search was over!

The thing that swayed me in her favor particularly was a video that documented a family home renovation.

Neta-Li sat with the kids and asked them about their preferences and I knew that this is exactly who I was looking for. The initial introductory phone call between us did not disappoint. Neta-Li was professional, patient, and cordial.

I felt like she knew what she was talking about, asked all of the relevant questions, and that she was fresh and enthusiastic.

Designing An Apartment in Kikar Hamedina - Neta-Li Noy Photography: Uzi Porat

Another topic that was important to us, was project management.

When we understood that Tal, Neta-Li’s partner, would work together with us and would be able to manage our project, we were relieved.

Tal has worked for years on a huge event management project, he’s one man, he works fast, and most importantly, he’s a person that is pleasant to work with.

We began, and the atmosphere that was created continued throughout the entire process:

There were meetings with Neta-Li and Tal, with coffee and sweets of course, and a lot of patience.

My partner and I are different in regards to our personal preferences and our vision for the apartment:

He prefers clean lines, a modern look, and dark colors.

I prefer a light color palette with lots of colors and a retro look.

Choose materials and colors Neta-Li Noy and Adi Arklis
Designing An Apartment in Kikar Hamedina - Neta-Li Noy Photography: Uzi Porat

Neta-Li managed to combine both of our desires and created a look that was modern and clean but also had a hint of color- a final product that suited both of us.

Our 6-year-old daughter also won some special treatment and got to choose a wallpaper from the many options Neta-Li provided.

Due to this wallpaper her room, is now entirely hers.

חדר הילדה
Designing An Apartment in Kikar Hamedina - Neta-Li Noy Photography: Uzi Porat

The apartment is about 100 meters, but everyone who enters feels as if it is a lot bigger.

Big tiles, and a green view that got a big upgrade, when during the renovation it was discovered that the exterior wall to our bedroom was actually a huge window. Lots of light shines into the apartment which can be controlled by the flutter shutters. For me, a lit apartment is a happy apartment.

Designing An Apartment in Kikar Hamedina - Neta-Li Noy Photography: Uzi Porat

We like practical but also easy on the eyes- Neta-Li found a perfect, and genius, solution when she planned for there to be a structure that created a partition between the private and public part of the apartment. Aside from the partition, the structure is also great for storage.

Designing An Apartment in Kikar Hamedina - Neta-Li Noy Photography: Uzi Porat

Neta-Li and I went around to a few design stores and suppliers, we made decisions, collected me this felt like a fun day with a friend.

Sometimes Tal and my partner joined us and one time both of our daughters even joined.

The girls became friends.

Designing An Apartment in Kikar Hamedina - Neta-Li Noy Photography: Uzi Porat

Sometimes I would go to the apartment to see how things were progressing.

I saw Tal taking care of business in a concise, patient, and pleasant manner.

Until today, our neighbors point out the attentive project manager that acted with consideration to every one of their requests during the renovation.

I was very happy to hear that they went to a well-renowned design gallery in Italy because it was obvious to me that it was important to them to stay updated on the current trends, refresh their knowledge, and more.

When we drove to the apartment, our first guests were Neta-Li and Tal who came with a huge flower bouquet and chocolate.

The excitement was through the roof!

The day of moving to the apartment

Here we are, standing in our dream apartment that is beautiful and suits us beyond what we could have ever expected.

Neta-Li and Tal were also excited to see that their planning and designs finally came to life and became our home.

Neta-Li has excellent taste, she understands the client’s needs, she’s a great listener, has an impressive ability to plan, uncompromising conduct when dealing with different professionals, and her thinking is innovative and current.

Neta-Li and Tal turned the experience of planning, designing, and renovating our apartment into a pleasant one.

“Women talk> Real Estate” made a connection that exceeded all expectations: we won the apartment of our dreams and a couple of new friends.

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